Tilt And Turn Windows

The windows with two opening methods can keep your indoor space filled with fresh air at all times.

Sliding Window

  •  Brand Name: Superhouse
  •  Opening Style:  Sliding
  •  Thermal Insulation:  U≤ 2.2W/㎡K
  •  Acoustic Performance:  ≤ 45 DB
  •  Air Tightness:  ≤ 0.4m³(㎡h)
  •  Wind Load Resistance:  ≥ 2.8 KPa
  •  Water Penetration:  ≥ 450Pa
  •  Standard:  AS2047, NFRC
  •  Warranty: 10 Years
  •  Application: Residential, Commercial
  •  Performance: Thermal Broken, Soundproof
  •  Main Market: AU, USA


Technical Specs

  • Hi-Tech profile and reinforced material
  • Reinforced glass fiber thermal insulation bar with high loading capacity
  • Pressure extrusion for higher strength level
  • Coex wire seal to protect against moisture
  • Multi-point hardware lock system for weather sealing and burglarproofing
  • Truss structure design for increased structural strength
  • Tilt-turn system achieves the AAMA rating of CW-PG60
  • Corner locking key ensures the smooth surface joint and improves corner stability
  • Glass panel EPDM foam weather sealing strip used for better performance and easier maintenance than standard glue

This multifunctional design combines three windows into one: the casement window that opens inward is in the flip position; the top ventilation funnel is safe when tilted; and the picture window is tightly sealed when closed. Durable, lightweight, intuitive installation and easy maintenance make our tilt and turn windows an ideal choice for modern commercial and residential spaces where convenience and energy saving are prioritized.


Tilt And Turn Windows has won people's favor because of its unique opening method and is widely used all over the world.

WANJIA™ Tilt And Turn system, with European multi-point locking hardware, is designed to achieve multi-functional high-quality windows. Tilt and turn windows is very suitable for residential and commercial applications. WANJIA™ has sufficient R&D and production capacity and strong supply capacity to provide you with excellent support throughout the purchase process.

uPVC Tilt And Turn Windows

WANJIA™ inverted inward windows can provide two types of profiles for you to choose from. Aluminum and upvc tilt and turn windows have always been favored by families and buildings in many countries around the world. The tilt and turn windows can make your room circulate with fresh air within 24 hours, so you don’t have to worry too much about the impact of weather changes on the room. WANJIA’s upvc inverted windows are definitely an ideal choice for modern commercial and residential spaces.

Our Advantage

Compared with traditional wood and plastic derivatives, aluminum requires little maintenance and is a better choice for window construction materials. Lightweight, strong, flexible, recyclable and precise. High efficiency and energy saving, natural weathering and corrosion resistance, and can withstand structural damage and deformation even under the harshest conditions. Snow, hail, strong heat or hurricane wind-WANJIA™ windows provide structure and design that can resist extreme factors in all weather conditions and climate zones.


Low-emission energy-saving glass, easy and comfortable


Easy to operate and maintain, advanced multi-point security

When considering safety or building regulations, tempered glass is stronger and more impact resistant than ordinary glass, making it an ideal choice.

Formulated 16-layer soft coating Low-E
Insulate with argon
Advanced technology
Block 90% more ultraviolet rays than ordinary glass

16-layer soft coating Low-E with two-layer formula
Insulate with argon
Advanced technology
Block 99% more ultraviolet rays than ordinary glass

Why Choose Sliding Window?

  • Good sealing performance: Airtightness directly affects the function and energy consumption of doors and windows. Airtightness includes air tightness, water tightness, heat insulation, and sound insulation.
  • Environmental safety: After professional surface treatment, it will not release harmful gases to the human body, and truly achieve zero pollution and zero formaldehyde doors and windows. At the same time, aluminum windows and doors are also fireproof and non-combustible materials!
  • Excellent weather resistance: resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, free from air pollution, acid rain, and ozone corrosion. It has an anti-ultraviolet function and can maintain its inherent color and luster for a long time.
  • Strong plasticity: The aluminum frame can be made into a frame that matches almost any color and home style.
  • Long service life: due to its lightweight, high strength, precise processing, and assembly, lightweight, flexible opening and closing, no noise, easy use and maintenance, corrosion resistance, small deformation, strong fire resistance, long service life.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Buying Tilt&Turn Windows?

Because the window sash can be opened to the maximum, the indoor and outdoor air can be fully circulated, so the room with casement windows is easier to ventilate and can maintain a fresh and comfortable indoor environment.

When the casement window is closed, all sides are fixed. The linkage hardware arranged around the sash and the various functions of the handle for indoor operation. When closed, the sash is fixed on the window frame, so its safety performance is very high. Can play a role in preventing theft.

The sash of the casement window can move flexibly and is easy to operate. The outside of the sash can be transferred to the room, avoiding the occupation of indoor space when the inner opening window is opened.

Casement windows have good sealing and heat preservation performance, and the sealing and heat preservation effects of doors and windows are ensured by multi-point locking around the window sash.