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WANJIA™ is a professional folding window manufacturer. Our folding window is a very popular window, which saves space and has a beautiful and unique appearance.

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Sliding Window

  •  Brand Name: Superhouse
  •  Opening Style:  Sliding
  •  Thermal Insulation:  U≤ 2.2W/㎡K
  •  Acoustic Performance:  ≤ 45 DB
  •  Air Tightness:  ≤ 0.4m³(㎡h)
  •  Wind Load Resistance:  ≥ 2.8 KPa
  •  Water Penetration:  ≥ 450Pa
  •  Standard:  AS2047, NFRC
  •  Warranty: 10 Years
  •  Application: Residential, Commercial
  •  Performance: Thermal Broken, Soundproof
  •  Main Market: AU, USA


Technical Specs

  • Hi-Tech profile and reinforced material
  • Reinforced glass fiber thermal insulation bar with high loading capacity
  • Pressure extrusion for higher strength level
  • Coex wire seal to protect against moisture
  • Multi-point hardware lock system for weather sealing and burglarproofing
  • Truss structure design for increased structural strength
  • Tilt-turn system achieves the AAMA rating of CW-PG60
  • Corner locking key ensures the smooth surface joint and improves corner stability
  • Glass panel EPDM foam weather sealing strip used for better performance and easier maintenance than standard glue

Your Affordable Aluminum Folding Window Manufacturer

After the folding windows is opened, it can be pushed to the end without obstructing the line of sight, saving space to the greatest extent, and allowing more light to enter the room, improving the lighting and ventilation effects of the house. Its excellent performance can be arbitrarily matched with various types of residential and commercial buildings.


Types Of Folding Window

Aluminum Folding Window

Aluminum Bi-fold Window

Vertical Folding Window

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What are the advantages of WANJIA™ aluminum folding windows?

WANJIA™ has been focusing on window and door research and development for more than 20 years, and has the most advanced window and door production technology. Can provide design solutions according to your preferences to meet your customized needs for personalized folding windows. Factory direct sales can not only save your budget, but also provide you with quality assurance.

Folding Window: Specifications

There are two opening methods for folding windows: horizontal folding windows and vertical folding windows. We provide the configuration of these windows. For details, please click here.


75 Folding Series

68 Folding Series


Aluminum + Glass

Aluminum + Glass

Opening ways

Opening from middle Opening by one side

Opening from middle Opening by one side





2 mm

2 mm

width of profile section

74.5 mm

77.3 mm

Maximum area for single leaf

2.4 ㎡

3.6 ㎡

Calculated from single leaf

1.6 ㎡

1.6 ㎡

Maximum width

800 mm

1000 mm

Maximum Height

3000 mm

3600 mm





55 Folding Series

60 Folding Series




Opening ways

fold up

fold up


coil spring

coil spring

Wall thickness



Width of profile section



Maximum area


Single glass ≤ 10 meters
Double glass ≤ 5 meters

Calculated from single leaf

Single glass is calculated as 2㎡
Double glass is calculated as 3.5㎡

calculated as 3㎡


≤ 3 meters

≤ 3.6 meters

High limit

≤ 2.8 meters

≤ 3 meters


single glass/double glass

single glass/double glass

Folding Window Information

Multiple choices, durable, energy-saving and low-maintenance.

Handle Options

WANJIA™’s folding window has cooperation with many well-known accessory brands, such as VBH, KING LONG, HOPO, and CHUNG. And it ensure that the safety performance of the folding window is greatly improved.

Color Options

Folding window provides a variety of colors for frame customization. In addition to the colors on the color card, if you want to customize frames in other colors, please contact us and we will communicate in detail.

Glass Options

The folding window provides a variety of glass options with different specifications, such as clear double-layer tempered hollow glass, clear single-layer tempered glass, clear triple-layer tempered glass, and coated tempered glass.

Grid Options

Use our ready-made window grid to help you decide the style you like. We can also provide grid style options and custom modes upon request. Click to see more

Grid Types

We provide three different grid types, and you can choose a suitable grid according to the design style of the project.

Advantages of Folding Window

1 Generally, it can be completely pushed and pulled to one side of the window, which does not occupy building space and can effectively solve the problem of insufficient space.

2 It not only has good heat preservation effect, heat insulation performance, cold preservation function, etc., but also has good moisture-proof performance, and can also play a certain role in sound insulation and noise reduction.

3 Not only is the appearance beautiful, but also does not affect the lighting, ventilation and viewing of the balcony.

How are Folding Window Packaged?

In many cases, WANJIA™’s window transportation will use the window frame and window glass to pack separately. Of course, the window assembly process will be slightly slower, but this greatly reduces the damage caused by the goods during transportation.
  1. Bubble bag + wooden box packaging
  2. Bubble bag + wooden frame packaging

Manufactured to International Standards

1. Cutting

2. Open Corner brace hole

3. Install Corner brace

4. Install strip

5. Glass assembly

6. Gluing

7. Test

8. Packing

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